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  1. General 

    1. What operating systems (OS) platforms do Hindenburg products work on?
    2. Hindenburg for Linux?
    3. Can I share sessions on Dropbox?
    4. Where are the User Guides for Hindenburg products?
    5. How do I use Hindenburg??
  2. Website 

    1. Why do I get a confirmation email after signing up for the Newsletter?
  3. Audio 

    1. Do I have to use another app to split stereo tracks? I get noise on both sides when I use the Hindy tool.
    2. "Scratchy" or poor audio quality when played in Hindy on Windows
    3. I can't figure out how to best delete the gray space between regions? Is there a shortcut beyond dragging the downstream regions to close the gap?
    4. When I try to split my new sound file into stereo tracks, Hindenburg Pro crashes
    5. I get this message: Hindenburg error Audio: no output device . What's wrong and how can I fix it? I use Windows Vista
  4. Mobile App 

    1. Can not import from iOS device to my desktop
    2. Field Recorder cannot record after upgrading to iOS7!
    3. What is the easiest way to upload a file from my iPhone (recorded with Hindenburg field recorder) to iTunes?
    4. Is it possible to import audio into Hindenburg Field Recorder for editing?
    5. Is there an iPad-spcific version of Hindenburg Field Recorder?
  5. Clipboard 

    1. Is there any way to add more Groups to the Clipboard?
    2. Import clipboard into another session..
  6. Skype 

    1. How do I use Skype™ to record a call in Hindenburg Journalist PRO, Broadcaster or Educator?
    2. Levels in Skype recordings
  7. Share 

    1. I am trying to export a session from my iPhone field recorder app to my desktop over wifi. I get a message on my desktop saying "connection broken”.
  8. Licence 

    1. How do I activate Automatic Update?
    2. What happens after I pay for Hindenburg Journalist or PRO?
    3. When I try to register a valid license key, I am told that it is invalid
    4. I have a project on Hindenburg Journalist PRO and my trial is ending!
    5. Do I have to pay full price to upgrade from Journalist to Journalist PRO?
  9. All articles 

    1. "Scratchy" or poor audio quality when played in Hindy on Windows
    2. Can i install on more than one computer?
    3. Can I share my licence?
    4. Can I share sessions on Dropbox?
    5. Can not import from iOS device to my desktop

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