Skype update 7.11. on Mac and Windows - Can't Dial Up!

A bug introduced by Skype update 7.11 (653) for both MAC OSX and Windows has broken the SKYPE dial-up. 
This effects all Hindenburg Journalist PRO, Broadcaster and Educator users.

The good news is that after updating to Skype 7.11 (653) it is still possible to record from Skype. 
The bad news is, that the ”Dial-up” button no longer works.

How to record a Skype conversation 
1. Use Skype to initiate your call. Find contact and dial up.
2. When the call is connected, switch to Hindenburg Journalist PRO/Broadcaster. 
3. Open the Call Recorder and press the little red record button in the top left corner. 
4. Press the “Hang Up” button to end the recording.

We are working on a solution
We hope to be able to find a solution for the problem soon. We have contacted Skype and pointed out the problem. We hope that the bug will be fixed in a later Skype update. 

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