I paid for and installed PRO or Broadcaster but only got Hindenburg Journalist!

For simplicity and ease of use, we only have one Graphical User Interface (GUI) for all our Journalist series of products (Journalist, PRO, Broadcaster, Educator).

When you activate your Journalist PRO, Educator or Broadcaster Licence Key for the first time, you will therefore not see any noticeable difference in the GUI to the Journalist version. 

The new licence key just gives you access to the extra features available in your version.

Once you have entered the new Licence Key and Registration Email correctly (see this step-by-step guide), you have access to the extra features available in your version.

You can test this in 3 ways:
1) On the programme's top bar you will see "Hindenburg Journalist PRO" in all versions that are above the basic Journalist (we know, it should say Broadcaster at the top if it is a Broadcaster, we are working on that)
2) In the "View" menu, you can activate the "Call Recorder"
3) In the "About" menu you can see the correct product name and version at the bottom (as shown in the attached screenshot)

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Best regards,
Hindenburg Support Team
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