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  1. "Scratchy" or poor audio quality when played in Hindy on Windows

  2. Bought WRD licence for friend - please re-register

  3. Can i install on more than one computer?

  4. Can i record a phone interview on my iPhone?

  5. Can I share my licence?

  6. Can I share sessions on Dropbox?

  7. Can not import from iOS device to my desktop

  8. Can't complete purchase, just get popup with terms.

  9. Crash when I check up for updates - Mac OS Sierra

  10. Discounts for full-time students and educators

  11. Do I have to pay full price to upgrade from Journalist to Journalist PRO?

  12. Do I have to use another app to split stereo tracks? I get noise on both sides when I use the Hindy tool.

  13. Does Hindenburg a noise reduction tool?

  14. Field Recorder cannot record after upgrading to iOS7!

  15. Help I have lost my licence key email!

  16. Help! How do I make my voice track sound good?

  17. Hindenburg Compatibility with Windows 8?

  18. Hindenburg does not recognise my registration key or email.

  19. Hindenburg for Linux?

  20. How do I activate Automatic Update?

  21. How do i log in or register the program?

  22. How do I switch between Hindenburg Journalist & Hindenburg Journalist PRO features in the 30 day trial?

  23. How do I use Hindenburg??

  24. How will Hindenburg Journalist handle mono files when applying "Podcast Standard" Loudness normalistion

  25. I am trying to export a session from my iPhone field recorder app to my desktop over wifi. I get a message on my desktop saying "connection broken”.

  26. I can't figure out how to best delete the gray space between regions? Is there a shortcut beyond dragging the downstream regions to close the gap?

  27. I get this message: Hindenburg error Audio: no output device . What's wrong and how can I fix it? I use Windows Vista

  28. I have a project on Hindenburg Journalist PRO and my trial is ending!

  29. I have not received my licence key email - eCheck payment.

  30. I lost my registration key. Can you resend it to me?

  31. I need to uninstall and re-install onto another computer. How can I do this?

  32. I paid but did not receive my Licence Key email

  33. I paid for and installed PRO or Broadcaster but only got Hindenburg Journalist!

  34. I paid for Hindenburg Journalist PRO but only get Journalist?

  35. I requested a Journalist PRO (or trial) and got Journalist?

  36. Import clipboard into another session..

  37. Is it possible to import audio into Hindenburg Field Recorder for editing?

  38. Is it possible to import markers from other field recorders

  39. Is it possible to record from two mics on one stereo track and then split the stereo recording into 2 separate tracks. How do I do that?

  40. Is it possible to use Soundcloud as a Podcast host?

  41. Is there an Android version of Field Recorder?

  42. Is there an iPad-spcific version of Hindenburg Field Recorder?

  43. Is there any way to add more Groups to the Clipboard?

  44. Levels in Skype recordings

  45. Missed World Radio Day discount

  46. Missing audio files or no sound

  47. Multiple copies of emails after WRD

  48. My licence is registered to an old email account that I cannot access

  49. No sound from Skype - using Soundflower 2ch

  50. Podcast levels - my podcast plays at a lower volume than others

  51. Problems installing on Mac OSX - Validation

  52. Problems with Skype vers 6.22 (Released 30th October 2014)

  53. Purchase with a credit card without Paypal account

  54. Recording web audio - Soundflower problem on El Capitan

  55. Refund of online purchase

  56. Regeln für die Rückgabe von Hindenburg bei Onlinekäufen

  57. Sale or discounts?

  58. Skype is not connected

  59. Skype is not responding when I want to make a call

  60. Skype not working ....

  61. Skype update 7.11. on Mac and Windows - Can't Dial Up!

  62. The volume is too low when exporting to CD

  63. VST - Audio plugins

  64. What are the benefits of using loudness instead of peak in the auto levels?

  65. What happens after I pay for Hindenburg Journalist or PRO?

  66. What happens after I request a trial of Hindenburg Journalist & Pro

  67. What is the easiest way to upload a file from my iPhone (recorded with Hindenburg field recorder) to iTunes?

  68. What operating systems (OS) platforms do Hindenburg products work on?

  69. When i export in mono i get silence …

  70. When I try to register a valid license key, I am told that it is invalid

  71. When I try to split my new sound file into stereo tracks, Hindenburg Pro crashes

  72. Where are the User Guides for Hindenburg products?

  73. Which computer audio interfaces for xlr microphones work the best with Journalist Pro software?

  74. Why do I get a confirmation email after signing up for the Newsletter?

  75. Why does my receipt say I have received a trial version?

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